GO SIMPLE KG is Germany's leading provider of UK Limited Companies, with over 10 years of professional experience in the sector.
Offering a comprehensive range of SIMPLE incorporation packages, all with SIMPLE Company structures, SIMPLE ordering and SIMPLE, inexpensive, fees.
An essential service for start-ups, expansions, outsourcing or asset management alike, GO SIMPLE will form your UK Limited Company within hours.
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Why a UK Limited Company?

Rapid formation

The process of incorporating a UK Limited Liability Company only takes around 3 hours, which means that its formation will usually be completed the same working day, with no additional 'Express' charge.

Low maintenance cost

Both your Registered Office and Director's Service addresses can be renewed annually at GO SIMPLE for just €69².

Remember; GO SIMPLE can also prepare and submit your Confirmation Statement and Annual Accounts very inexpensively.

Against warning - delusion

Writing off a Limited is not so easy for the warning industry. Use the possibilities.

Simplified Company law

The Directors, Beneficial Owners and share capital in a UK Limited Company can all be amended very simply, on-line, without the need to pay a notary public.

Reduced capital requirement

The minimum paid-up Share Capital for a UK Limited Company is just €1, compared to €25,000 for the equivalent GmbH!

Limiting your liability

A UK Limited Liability Company does exactly as the name suggest… it limits your liability in order to protect your personal assets.

Freedom of establishment

Although the Registered Office address for a UK Limited Company must be in England or Wales, the Directors and Beneficial Owners of a Limited Liability Company may be domiciled anywhere in the World!

Bank account

For your Limited you will receive an EU-IBAN account with us.

Less bureaucracy

There is far less bureaucracy involved in the operation of a Company in the UK.

In most cases, you would only be required to submit a Confirmation Statement, two annual reports and a set of annual accounts… all of which are included in the PREMIUM package!

An ideal test marketing solution

Test launch new products or services cost-effectively via a Limited Company in the UK, without any potential compromise to your existing business.

Use the Company name to secure your trading style for future business.

Asset protection

Use a UK Limited Company to secure your property or other assets; including rights, patents or shareholding. You can then, if necessary, transfer ownership of these assets through a sale of the Company. SIMPLE

Guarantee LTD and LLP

GO SIMPLE can also form UK Companies Limited by Guarantee, and Limited Liability Partnerships.

Irish Limited

EU-safe for branch office & KG